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Your Whois Domain Questions Answered

What is the Whois database?

When any domain name is registered, the contact details of the legal registrant are held on a central Whois database, which is publically accessible.

Why would I need to access the Whois database?

If there is a domain name you are interested in or would like to recover, you can search the Whois database and find out who owns that domain.  Domain names similar to brands or trademarks are often registered in a bid to divert traffic away from the correct website to a competitor or fraudulent site.

Can I see when the domain might become available?

Yes. You will be able to see when the domain was registered and when it is due to expire.  This information may help you decide whether to wait until the domain might become available, or search for an alternative domain name.  There is no way however to tell if the domain is going to be renewed by the current owner.

What can I do if I want to recover a domain?

Our sister company, offer a comprehensive Domain Name Management & Recovery service. There are a number of ways a domain can be recovered, from contacting the owner and negotiating a fair price, to taking legal action, all of which can assist you with.

Why can’t I see the registrant’s information?

If you are unable to see the contact details in the domain Whois information, it’s likely to be because the person or company who owns it has Domain Privacy set up.   Find out how you can set up domain privacy on your domain name.

Private Whois uk domain information

If you’re a non-trading individual you can benefit from Nominet’s (the .uk registry) FREE “WHOIS Opt-out” service to keep your details private.

Private Whois TLD domain information

You can turn Domain Privacy on and off your .com, .net, .org and other Top Level Domains (TLDs) for just 42p a month!  Find out more

How can I register a domain name?

You can also use the Whois search tool to find a new domain name.  Simply enter the domain you would like and click search.  You will be presented with a number of available domain extensions.
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What is a Whois IP search?

You can do a reverse Whois IP search to find out all the domain names owned by the same IP Address.  This is handy if you want to know what other domain names a company or individual owns:

  1. Enter a domain name into the Whois search tool
  2. Find the Whois IP address information
  3. Enter the IP address into the Whois search tool

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