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UK Domain Name Registration FAQ

faqCommon Questions & Answers relating to Domain Name Registration

How much does it cost to register a domain name?

£9.99 for 2 years which includes 2 years Nominet UK fees, web forwarding, email forwarding, web site creator and friendly telephone and email support from real people.

How much does it cost to register a .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz domain name?

£24.99 for 2 years which includes 2 years Naming fees, web forwarding, email forwarding, web site creator and friendly telephone and email support from real people.

Click here for a complete price list of all domain extensions & multiple year offers

How long does it take to register a domain name?

The net2 system will automatically submit your domain for registration with the relevant registrar through our automated system.

Why is my domain name still showing up as available?

Domain registry databases can take between 24-48 hours to be updated so even though your domain has been registered it may still show up on WHOIS or “domain checkers” as being available. Global domain names tend to take the longest to show up as being registered due to a new shared registry system.

How do I add extra services to my domain?

As an existing customer, you can upgrade your services at any time via your control panel. From here you can upgrade your domain name to one of our email-only or hosting (webspace and email) packages, and purchased additional mailboxes

What happens to my domain after the initial registration period?

Prior to the expiry of your initial registration period you will be sent a renewal invoice which will give you information on how to renew your domain name. You do not have to worry about “losing” your domain name as providing you pay the relevant renewal charges (outlined below) your domain will be yours for as long as you require.

Current domain name renewal prices are:

UK Domain Names ( – £19.99 for years 3 and 4
Global Domain Names (.com/.net/.org/.info/.biz) – £34.99 for years 3 and 4

Will I get a certificate proving my domain has been registered?

With UK domain names you should receive a certificate from Nominet (the official UK naming body) although this may take several months. There are no certificates for Global domain names.

If you require proof of ownership simply go to and perform a search on your domain then click the WHOIS button which will give the ownership details of your domain.

Are there any restrictions when registering a domain name?

Yes, the following rules apply to all domain names (

Domain names must be between 3 and 63 characters in length.
Please note although 2 letter domains such as cannot be registered even though they show up as being available.

They can only contain the the characters abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789-

No spaces are allowed at any point and you cannot start or end a domain with a “-“.

e.g. www.hendly would NOT BE allowed
e.g. would NOT BE allowed
e.g. would NOT BE allowed

However would be perfectly acceptable as would

If I register a domain name, can I sell it on at a later date?

Yes. net2 will have no involvement in the sales process although we will assist you in changing the domain name registrant details to the new owner. Reselling domain names has recently become very profitable with landmark sales such as for .5 million with the .UK resale market growing by the day.

How do I change the registered owner/details of a domain name?

.com, .net, .org, .info and .biz domains, the changes can be made via your online Control Panel. Click on the domain in your account and you will then see a link on the left hand side to enable you to change the Legal Registrant details. This is a free service.

.uk domains. You will need to contact Nominet, the .uk Registry on 01865 332244, to request a transfer form. This form will need to be signed by both parties and sent back to Nominet with confirmatory letters from both parties. Nominet will then make the necessary changes and advise us accordingly. There is a fee payable to Nominet., etc. The current legal registrant will need to fax CentralNic, the registrar, on 0870 017 0901 with a letter of authorisation. The letter should contain the domain name, and the full details of the new registrant. CentralNic will then make the necessary changes.

Finally, if you require a new account, for the new owner, to be opened and the domain transferred into that account please let us know. Otherwise the domain will remain on your account and you will be responsible for any future renewals for the domain.

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