Register your .cymrus domain & .wales domain

From 2013 a new application will be introduced to the UK which is supported by the Wales Government. The newdomain will be registered under .wales and .cymrus. These domains have been created specifically for the Welsh, obliging to its language and culture, helping outsiders to understand what Wales really is. The welsh community are being given the opportunity to start encouraging their culture to other countries to become indentified, and help with business opportunities for big and small companies.

 Here are some benefits of registering with the .wales domain and .cymrus domain: Promoting items such as bard, culture and IT will be more generic and helpful towards the tourist industry. This is aimed to make Wales more confident and recognized in the World Wide Web. Apart from this improvement this will help connect the or .com to the Welsh community.

The UK registry Nominet has been elected to apply for these two new Domain name extensions with the never ending support from the Welsh government. The decision was taken by the internet corporation for assigned names and number which will help increase competition and expand in the market.

A majority of business consumers and customers in Wales are offering their support on this move; they know that having their website address end in .cymru and .wales can be extremely beneficial for their business.

Although this step will help in the branding of the products some major critics are assuming there will be a high increase in fraud cases. Many business are preferring to use .Wales to help market their brand outside the country, but Nominet are highly suggesting that both .cymru and .wales should be registered with the ability of people using them being directed to both sites. The only problem which is being faced is that ICANN are now charging $185,000 on each application and is refusing to back down, so Nominet are offering to cover the costs to help it succeed. Recently dot CYM were competing against Nominet to take over the bid.