Protect your domain by getting a copyright

Business owners are usually very careful when it comes to picking a name for their brands and avoid choosing a name that may already have a trademark. But no matter how careful or creative you are, there is always a risk that the name you want has been trademarked already, quite possibly in a different country. Just because a domain name is available for the company name that you want to choose, does not mean that there is not a company out there with the same name and a different TLD.

At the same time, you do not want to be rudely surprised if you have a successful business already running, and suddenly you discover that someone else has been granted a copyright for its name.

Where does one even begin to keep track of such trademarks? Doing a domain name search is a good place to start, but it is hardly conclusive. And what if someone applies for the trademark after you register the domain, or is in a different country and not aware of your business? What you need is a simple domain name search and copyright tool that runs your brand name against all records and tells you if the name you want has already been taken. At the same time, the tool should also tell you when someone applies for a copyright for the domain name that you already own. The Trademark Monitoring tool that has been created and hosted by IP Neighbourhood lets you do just that..

Now get alerted when someone tries to trademark the name you are already using, or are interested in. It also makes your life easier if you have a business that operates in multiple countries, utilising different TLDs, thus making it highly complicated for you to keep yourself updated about all the latest trademark applications. Just visit IP Neighbourhood to discover this amazing tool, and find out if someone has applied for a trademark for your brand name!