How Important are Good Domain Names?

E-commerce is an incredibly competitive way of doing business. To stay ahead of the game you need to be constantly aware of what your peers are doing and finding ways to be a few steps ahead of them. There’s really two roads you can take to succeed, outrun or outdo everybody or differentiate yourself  from the rest of the pack of businesses that are like yours. The first thing you need to do when you are vying for the number one spot is to get a unique domain name. The best domain names are the ones that are topic related to make the work of finding your site when someone is searching which makes it easier for Google and any other internet search engine to find your particular site much faster.

A unique but recognizable domain name is important, it enables search engine robots to find what needs to be found quicker. In addition to that, unique domain names land some character to an online store would give a certain impression to the user and give a certain credibility to the website and is a way to create awareness about your brand and launch successful marketing campaigns. Registering other domain names to use them a you would backlinks is always a good idea but don’t overdo it otherwise you might come off as being a little desperate. Domain names can be bought and registered on behalf of ICANN to replace IP addresses so that it becomes easy for people to memorize a web site’s name. There are extensions to domain names like .com, .net., us.,  biz and many others.

When buying domain names you should understand and follow the following rules:

  1. The name needs to have a Development Value

Choose domain names that can help make the content immediately recognizable.  instantly.

  1. The name needs to have .Dot value

Doc.coms have always been more valuable than any other dot designation. If you can get a .com extension it would be best to buy such a domain. Dot coms rank higher and consumers tend to regard dot coms with more seriousness especially since this is an extension that is recognized internationally.

  1. Brand Recognition

There are brand names that are catchy and can soon be associated with certain things. Having a brand name like this e.g. ITDoctor – which obviously has something to do with fixing with computers.