Flip TLD to make a tidy profit online

Several instances have been reported where people successfully flipped their TLD registrations to get a higher sum than what they paid for it. While there are many who complain that the host of new TLDs that have launched in the past year are of no real value and offer no real benefits to domain name investors, but the recent reports suggest that there are many investors out there who have made quite a tidy bit of profit through TLD flipping.
The process of buying domain names that you think have potential, and then selling it to interested buyers for a higher price has been a niche little online business for thousands of people. The top resellers of domain names in the world have shown a special knack for identifying domains with immense potential and low registration prices, thus often earning them more than 100% of what they invested.

Valery Otto is one of the most promising examples of the opportunities that exist in the domain resale market post the introduction of new TLDs. She successfully bought and sold two niches .estate domain for a grand sum of $59,000. Just to give you an idea of how much she invested in them, it is estimated to be less than $200. She sold off luxury.estate for a whopping $50,000, while the NewYork.estate domain that she sold, fetched her $9,000. Not a bad investment at all, one would say.

Here are three more new TLDs that were flipped for large sums:



World.estate $35,000
Baltic.cruises $25,000
Easy.services $2,667

The early access phase it the best time to invest in a domain that you plan on selling later. Not only are such domains priced low due to the relative anonymity of the new TLD, there are also a lot more options available to pick from. When experimenting with domain name registration for new TLDs, get creative and try to use the extensions to create something catchy. And as always, stay away from copyrighted names, as those are only trouble.