Domain name registration rules to be revised from 8 December, 2014

Afnic has made the announcement that comes December 8, its existing terms and policies for domain name registration are undergoing a revision. Afnic is responsible for the management of the .FR domain extensions. According to the release issued, the domain registration process will undergo revisions for websites that end with the .fr, .yt, .pm, and .wf TLD.
The details surrounding this revision are as follows:

  1. Users will now be able to book special domain names that are only 1 or 2 characters long. Popularly used for URL shortening, Afnic did not allow the usage of .fr domains in such a manner, and a limit of minimum three character domains had been imposed on registrants. Afnic further clarified that this change was only being made for the .fr TLD, and that the other domains managed by Afnic will not be affected by this revision. The domains that still do not allow registration of one or two character website addresses include .yt, .wf and .pm. The process for new domain name registration will start from December 8, 2014 onwards and will be carried out in a phased manner by Afnic.
  2.  Afnic will also be introducing a registry lock feature for its users. The online identity of registrants will be secured through this feature, and businesses will be able to request the registry to lock down the domains associated with the company. In case any changes need to be made, an additional confirmation will need to be issued before the changes are applied, hence offering an enhanced level of security to the domain.

Both of these changes will be implemented by Afnic from December 8 onwards.

If you want to see the official Afnic report, or find out more details about the revisions, you can visit and go through the official website.

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