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Domain Name Association, or DNA, is the body that advocates the adoption of new top level domains. They have recently conducted a survey to assess how well aware internet users were about the expansion of TLDs that took place recently. The survey also tried to figure out how people react to different top level domains through the use of a number of hypothetical scenarios..

When ICANN first announced its plan to extend the available range of TLDs, it had a mixed response. Now that over a year have passed since the new TLDs first started rolling out, people finally have a chance to see how they are changing the way people use the internet. The right TLD can instantly make a website look more trustworthy, and despite .com domains are still the most popular, these TLDs have slowly been gaining popularity.

For example, one of the survey questions asked users the website that they would visit if they need to make some kind of online payment. The top choice was a .com domain called but surprisingly the second most domain picked by American users was which got more votes than the popular geographical domain .us for the region.

A similar question was posed to the residents of Melbourne, Australia and they were asked the website they would prefer to use for buying shows online. The local TLD of received the most votes, but the runner up was which is once again a new TLD.

The survey claims that as many as 25% of internet users who took the survey were aware that new TLDs had been introduced. While the figure may be a little optimistic, the overall survey does appear to be fair for the most part. It also shows how domain names search has become popular over the years.

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Domain Name Registration – DNA Survey Mon, 09 Feb 2015 17:46:28 +0000 The post Domain Name Registration – DNA Survey appeared first on


The Domain Name Association (DNA) is basically a non-profit business association that works for the benefit of the domain name industry. The DNA conducted a survey to find out the attitude of the internet users around the world, towards the new domain names and extensions, such as, .club and .global, domain names released through gtld program. The survey was conducted in 10 countries and was concluded by 5000 responses, from internet users across the globe. The survey results indicated that when it comes to domain name registration, the users have certain preferences and ideas..

On the basis of the survey results, following conclusions and expectations were drawn:
• Most internet users said that the domain names are highly relevant. Almost everyone, i.e. 85% of the users do type the domain name into the browser’s address bar. Before going to the search, the users tend to check the domain name as well.
• Users have voiced their preferences regarding their willingness and openness to using new domain names and domain-name extensions.
• The survey indicated that the users are not only open to using new domain names and extensions; rather they have voiced an equal preference to new domain names and the extensions.
• Users are more disposed to accept such domain names that implicitly show the anticipated content of the website or the use of the website, indicated in the domain name; for example domain extensions such as, .secure and .bike, etc.
• According to the survey results, 60% of the internet users reported that they have higher preferences for more domain names and domain-name extension options, when it comes to the domain name registration.

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Registering A Domain Name For An Unbelievable Discount Thu, 05 Feb 2015 00:00:36 +0000 The post Registering A Domain Name For An Unbelievable Discount appeared first on


We all get to benefiting from great deals and discounts from time to time, but have you ever heard someone getting a discount of almost $14,990 on something that originally cost $15,000? Well, believe it or not, but Bruce Marler got this exact discount recently when he tried registering a domain name recently and was able to book a premium domain name for such a low price.

According to him, he was buying some domain names, among them a few that his wife had picked, when he came across the domain name. While most other premium domain names with the .club extension were priced in the $15,000 bracket, for some reasons was listed for a mere $10.99. He tried to make sure multiple time that it was not some mistake and ultimately purchased the domain name.

Now that news has leaked out, it has been discovered that this was made possible by a bug in the registry. In fact, more than a bug, it seems that it was an oversight on the part of the responsible registry that ultimately led to the leaving out of several high value domains for very nominal prices.

.Club domain which runs the registration process for domains with the .club extension made this mistake when moving out a number of high value domain for selling purposes. During this move they accidentally let high value domains remain in the general registry where they could be picked off by lucky users for basic rates.

While Club Registry feels that legally they have the right to regain control over the domain, considering the fact that Marler has already invested time and money into making a proper website for the domain, and that he acquired the domain without any tricks, the registry will be letting him keep the domain. In fact, the company CEO Colin Campbell wishes Mr Marler the very best in his endeavors.

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Domain Names Wars Between Good Vs Good Mon, 02 Feb 2015 14:04:55 +0000 The post Domain Names Wars Between Good Vs Good appeared first on


Disputes related to the domain names are becoming very common these days, businesses are becoming very cautious while choosing a domain name for their website. There is a new ongoing battle that has emerged between the owners of the and Good Technology Corporation is a mobility service company which uses the domain name of, while the is used by a social networking and career app company.

Good Technology Corporations sued the owner of the on the basis that their consumer may get confused. It is suspected that the Good Technology Corporation is going to face an uphill battle. The company used dictionary terms which have broad meanings which makes their case a little weaker.

The statement issued by the company stated that the defendant should have done a thorough trademark search before opting for, if they had done the research, they would have known that the Good Technology Corporation has used GOOD mark since 2001.

However, the plaintiff didn’t see that the word ‘Good’ and ‘’ are two different things. It seems that the Good Technology Corporation is concerned about those people who forget to type ‘m’ at the end of their URL i.e. will end up visiting a website of another company, even though the other company offers completely different products and services.

The URL of the Defendant i.e. differs only by a single letter from the URL of the plaintiff i.e. This can create a big confusion and the users searching information about the products and services of the Good’s company can find themselves on the Defendant’s website easily by failing to type the final letter. If you search on the Google, the comes above the Both of them are tech companies offering vastly different apps.

Good Technology Corporation alleges the defendant to change its domain name. While the federal lawsuit claims it as an unfair business practice, false designation of origin, trademark infringement and cybersquatting.

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Domain Name Registration For .Vlaanderen And .Brussels Is Now For Everyone Thu, 29 Jan 2015 04:18:22 +0000 The post Domain Name Registration For .Vlaanderen And .Brussels Is Now For Everyone appeared first on


Now registering a domain name with the extension .Vlaanderen or .Brussels is possible no matter where you live in the world. Domain name registration for these two domain name extensions have been made open for everyone starting 20th January, 2015 and the announcement that accompanied this news states that the domains are available on a first come first serve basis.

The geographical limitation that was earlier imposed on the two domains has now been lifted. Now if you wish to buy a domain name with either of these extensions, you can file for the domain name registration. The domain names are allocated on an availability basis, and anyone can get one with the utmost ease.

Local domains have become very popular in the recent years and are a great tool for individuals and companies who wish to target local internet users. However, there is no reason why outsiders cannot use the same domain name extension for their own personal use. There are many applications of such domains, and the ability to opt for domain name registration for such extensions is a welcome step.

The two domain names in question are going to be highly beneficial for businesses that would be operating in Vlaanderen and Brussels and are a great way to highlight their Flemish heritage. Activities that focus on the cities can also take advantage of these domain name extensions to immediately clarify where the efforts of the website content will be focused, thus making the website much more relevant for visitors.

The TLDs will also allow regional organizations and bodies to get simpler, shorter and easier to remember. This is certainly a great tool to increase traffic for the city specific websites.

A great extension can make a huge difference for your website. Make sure that you get to enjoy the benefits of a local extension for your city. Register your business website with a .Vlaanderen or .Brussels domain extension today!

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