Top 10 premium domain sold in quarter 1 of 2013

top10daomainsThe year 2012 saw an improvement in the sales of domains across the world. In fact, the highest selling domain name sold for a whopping 4 million dollars. In the year 2013, some of the firms such as Archeo are already registering an increment in the sales of domains. For the first quarter, Archeo Inc sold in excess of $1.4 million, which came from the sale of 50 domains. When you compare this with the 31 domain sales that were made in the last quarter of the year 2012, you have yourself the general direction that the domain sales are taking.

So what are the top domain names that have sold in the first quarter of the year2013?

The list below just represents a sample of the highest selling domains during this period. Some of these include:,,, and Additionally, domains such as,,, and are also part of this list.

Often, companies measure the performance of the year by how their first and second quarters perform. For the third and last parts of the year, most of the companies are often creating strategies for the last part of the year or covering up from wrong strategies in the early part of the year. As such, if this is anything to go by, then 2013 is going to be another good year. Let us hope there will be another record breaking sale like that of