Domain Names Wars Between Good Vs Good

Disputes related to the domain names are becoming very common these days, businesses are becoming very cautious while choosing a domain name for their website. There is a new ongoing battle that has emerged between the owners of the and Good Technology Corporation is a mobility service company which uses the domain name of, while the is used by a social networking and career app company.

Good Technology Corporations sued the owner of the on the basis that their consumer may get confused. It is suspected that the Good Technology Corporation is going to face an uphill battle. The company used dictionary terms which have broad meanings which makes their case a little weaker.

The statement issued by the company stated that the defendant should have done a thorough trademark search before opting for, if they had done the research, they would have known that the Good Technology Corporation has used GOOD mark since 2001.

However, the plaintiff didn’t see that the word ‘Good’ and ‘’ are two different things. It seems that the Good Technology Corporation is concerned about those people who forget to type ‘m’ at the end of their URL i.e. will end up visiting a website of another company, even though the other company offers completely different products and services.

The URL of the Defendant i.e. differs only by a single letter from the URL of the plaintiff i.e. This can create a big confusion and the users searching information about the products and services of the Good’s company can find themselves on the Defendant’s website easily by failing to type the final letter. If you search on the Google, the comes above the Both of them are tech companies offering vastly different apps.

Good Technology Corporation alleges the defendant to change its domain name. While the federal lawsuit claims it as an unfair business practice, false designation of origin, trademark infringement and cybersquatting.