Domain Name Registration – DNA Survey

The Domain Name Association (DNA) is basically a non-profit business association that works for the benefit of the domain name industry. The DNA conducted a survey to find out the attitude of the internet users around the world, towards the new domain names and extensions, such as, .club and .global, domain names released through gtld program. The survey was conducted in 10 countries and was concluded by 5000 responses, from internet users across the globe. The survey results indicated that when it comes to domain name registration, the users have certain preferences and ideas..

On the basis of the survey results, following conclusions and expectations were drawn:
• Most internet users said that the domain names are highly relevant. Almost everyone, i.e. 85% of the users do type the domain name into the browser’s address bar. Before going to the search, the users tend to check the domain name as well.
• Users have voiced their preferences regarding their willingness and openness to using new domain names and domain-name extensions.
• The survey indicated that the users are not only open to using new domain names and extensions; rather they have voiced an equal preference to new domain names and the extensions.
• Users are more disposed to accept such domain names that implicitly show the anticipated content of the website or the use of the website, indicated in the domain name; for example domain extensions such as, .secure and .bike, etc.
• According to the survey results, 60% of the internet users reported that they have higher preferences for more domain names and domain-name extension options, when it comes to the domain name registration.