.com domain names

com-domain-namesThe .com domain name is the oldest domain name there is. It is also the most popular domain name in the world, having had exclusive rights for a long time before the introduction of other domain names. As such, it is the poster child of the domain names having seen the rise of the internet age and gone through all the attendant changes, thereafter giving birth to other domain names.  It is no wonder that all the search engines have a .com domain name. A look at these search engines reveals that the most popular brands in the world are often at the top of the line when a search is done. The information on the .com domains is often designed to ensure that it caters to a worldwide audience.

However, over the last couple of years as more geographically centralized domains have come up, the .com domain name has been dominated by American firms and personalities. As such, it has tended to pick the tag, albeit mistakenly that the .com tag is for American based companies and personalities. In fact, for those firms with more than one domain name, you will often find the .com domain has information that is tailored more towards the clients who live in the USA.

Even then, it is still one of the most popular domain names, one that is widespread in Europe, Africa and the American continents. With over 15 million subscribers registered, it is also one of the cheaper domain names to acquire.