Generic top level domains

imagesgTLD domain names have been around for a while. They have essentially taken over the domains market as every individual tries to get a bartprint out in the internet. For businesses especially, they have become the poster child, so to speak of successful businesses and those aiming to reach the upper echelons of their fields. In fact, the use of gTLD domain names, coupled with poor oversight and enforcement of the laws has ensured that even more domain names are falling under this category at the moment. Some of the most common ones include: com, info, net, and org. Additionally, some like biz, name, and pro have also taken to hiving off part of this market in a bid to make more sales.

So what is the basic life cycle of a typical gTld?

First of all, the domain name has to be available. This means that it is created and made available to the world. Some of the names that are usually deleted during Add-Grace are also made available for use by different users. Often there is a 5 day Add-Grace period before they can be registered for a period that ranges from one year to 10 years. During this period, renewal and transfer of the domain is usually possible. In addition, the domain is usually in the zone file. Upon expiry of this period, the user has a 45 day grace period to either renew the domain or let it be. After that, the domain can be redeemed for a period of 30 days. If the redemption process is not initiated, the domain is deleted and made available to other users.