New .co domain names

A new domain extension has been introduced lately under the name .co. This domain is now offering a wide variety of choice in helping to brand your product, helping your brand to be recognized globally.

 If it’s for personal use, hobby or a way to make money many people seek to have a more recognized online presence. It is important to have a reliable and credible domain to turn too and .co is creating just that.

.co is actually related to words Corporation, Commerce and Company so the .co is simple to remember and easy to recognize. This is a perfect reason to register for this domain, share content, communicate, connect and plan business opportunities online hassle free.

Here are the main benefits when applying for the .co domain:

–       Helping to create a brand and business which will be recognized throughout the world wide community.

–       Credible and reliable brand marketing.

–       Is mostly relevant to organizations and businesses.

–       Easy to remember and simple.

–       Used by social networks.

If you are having problems in getting recognized by .com or, .co is the domain your should try next.

Having new policies .co domains allows trademark holders to be the first to apply and is aiming to become the next web address to be used worldwide. Recently new policies have been introduced to be able to register to a .co domain.

-Any person can apply for the .co domain hassle free.

-Preparing the right documentation is important

– You have to register between 1-5 years in all

– If you are currently using a different domain name , it is transferred easily .

The .co domain belongs to the republic of Colombia and administered by the .CO internet. There are some world known websites registered with the .co domain such as twitter, aspen group and Google.  You can register to .co domains trough accredited registrars. While there is only a small quantity of these registrars available to sell the .co domain, there is a substantial amount of resellers. You will find a list of the accredited registrars on .co websites.